Why Henri Jokiharju Being Loaned to the Finland Hockey Team for the World Juniors Boggles My Mind



I just don’t get the Blackhawks these days, man. Between Coach Q being fired, Jeremy Colliton awkwardly hugging players on the bench and Crawford going down with another concussion, it has been a mix of shitty moves and bad luck clouding the team.

But the latest move – loaning Henri Jokiharju to Finland’s national junior hockey team for the World Junior Championship – is another head scratcher.

As if the Hawks defense wasn’t bad enough already, they are now letting arguably their second-best defenseman go dilly dally with a bunch of U20 players in Canada for three weeks.

Now, I’m not saying that Jokiharju won’t learn anything by playing in the World Juniors. I’m sure he’ll get a chance to do his country proud and see some new looks with some international play.

But, to say this move is a super-beneficial way for our boy Henri to become a better hockey player is a joke. That’s like a student dropping out grad school to go back to the 3rd grade for their education – it just doesn’t add up.

I saw someone write that playing in the World Juniors will give Jokiharju invaluable experience on the national stage…how about the invaluable experience of BEING IN THE NHL?! How about one of the games Jokiharju is missing during his stint at the Juniors…the Winter Classic…which is live…on national television.

Listen, I know the Hawks suck. I just want to see Kid Henri grow and keep growing into the cornerstone piece I know he is going to be for the franchise.

As for right now, it’s this:

  1. Pray for Corey Crawford
  2. Coach Q forever
  3. #FireStan


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