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The Great Jordan vs. Kobe Debate Is Finally Settled; Lil Wayne Gives Us A Clear Answer.

“These days they think the tough question is Jordan or LeBron. No. Jordan or Kobe is the tough question … but it’s Kobe.” – The Greatest Rapper Alive

There we have it folks. Lil Wayne has declared Kobe Bryant the GOAT. I think we’re all done with that debate now. Print the history books and start teaching your young children.

I’ve got to admit watching this video I started to wonder if I wrote these questions. Jordan vs. Kobe? Nicki vs. Rihanna? (I don’t think he’d do that to Drake) I’ve always been curious what a fake ass feels like in real life. Totally legit questions by this reporter who clearly has been reviewing my search history.

I also love how Lil Wayne just throws LeBron’s name out of the discussion too like LeBron is Swaggy P.

Everyone knows Lil Wayne is a big sports guy too  so this ruling has to be official.




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