TBS Spreads Christmas Cheer By Tricking Dogs With Magic

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These types of videos come out all the time and I want to write a blog hating it but I just can’t. I love dogs. And the only thing I love more than dogs is magic. Big time magic nerd.

At KMess’ 30th birthday party his cousin was doing magic all over the place. I followed him around like one of these lists puppies. Now it should be noted, he wasn’t asked to do magic. It’s not like Kevin had a magician hired for his party. No this was just a man that loved performing magic and I was hooked on every move.

So I’m not going to write the typical, “look at this ass hole confusing dogs. Big deal, they’re dogs.” No. Magic is amazing even if it’s being performed on a blind rat. You make something disappear and I don’t know where it goes, you’re a god damn wizard in my book.

Also go out and adopt a dog this holiday season. Every rescue shelter runs awesome deals, it’s what your kids want, it’s what you secretly want and you’re saving a life. Stop reading this. Go get a new best friend

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