Is It Possible That “Lil Xan” Is Really Just A New Season Of A Sacha Baron Cohen Showtime Show?



As I perused this story about Lil Xan getting kicked out of an Airbnb for playing music too loud after he had to leave his new house that flooded, I think I stumbled upon the plot for Season 2 of Who Is America?

Consider this:

“Lil Xan”, also known as “Diego Leanos”, another totally made up name, has little to no information readily available on his Wikipedia page. Says he was poor and dropped out of high school to live at home unemployed. Mysterious.


Until he got his start on fucking Soundcloud and starts a toxic and public relationship with a celebrity sibling? I can’t believe we didn’t see this sooner. THEN, in a textbook move to get rappers that are too old to beat you up to notice you and try to gain relevance, Lil Xan called 2Pac boring. That’s exactly how you wake up the giants.

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 12.15.48 AM

When you really think about it, it makes a whole lot of sense for Season 2. What’s the only cultural phenomenon that’s more threatening to our future than the current political situation? That’s right, fake rappers with face tattoos. I mean seriously, look at this video of “Lil Xan” on the red carpet with Noah Cyrus and show me definitive proof that isn’t Sacha Baron Cohen. That’s probably episode 3.

Then the breakup involving a photoshopped picture of Charlie Puth on a porn star? Give Borat an Oscar already.


The season finale is definitely going to be the episode where Lil Xan is rushed to the hospital after eating too many Hot Cheetos. That is the true masterpiece. He’s may have all of America fooled again with this one, but not me.

And then there’s Showtime trying to plant seeds in the media that the show isn’t over for good now that everyone knows that it’s him. Lulling us all into a false sense of security, laughing away at Lil Xan’s latest shenanigans.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s controversial, buzzy, critically divisive Showtime series isn’t actually canceled yet, Showtime says.

Despite the comedian himself tweeting Sunday’s finale of Who Is America? was the “last EVER” episode, the network insists no decision has been made on the show which pranked political figures into making embarrassing (and revealing) mistakes.

The network had previously told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s press tour last month that they were “dying to bring the show back” for a second round, despite its modest Nielsen ratings. – James Hibberd,

If I had to guess where Sacha Baron Cohen got the inspiration for this “Lil Xan” character, I’d say it’s a blend between Malibu’s Most Wanted and S.mouse slappin the elbow.

The similarities are eerie…








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