I Am Going To Buy Stock In Prosecco, But First Here Are My Top 5 Brands!

Ahhhh yes. Finally. Finally my favorite beverage of choice is getting the recognition that it deserves. First and foremost I need to tell you all that I am highly considering buying stock in Prosecco.

That’s right. Prosecco sales hit a world wide all time high this year! Figures show some 500 million bottles were exported this year; the country produced about 700 million bottles in total. That’s a whole lot of bubbly to go around!!!

With that being said, I’m going to give you my top Prosecco brands to purchase during the holiday season so that way if I do buy stock in Prosecco, you can all help me make that paper and get nice and buzzed doing it.

5. Ruffino Prosecco $11.99 per bottle


4. Cupcake Prosecco – $12.99 per bottle

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3. Mionetto Prosecco $15.99 per bottle

Image-we speak wine

2. LaMarca Prosecco-$13.99 per bottle


1. Vueve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label-$54.99 per bottle


If anyone knows Prosecco, IT’S ME. I have references.

I received a text from my best friend, Jillian that works in News today that said this:

So naturally, I had to write an article about it and give my EXPERT opinion! CHEERS, Bitches!!!


Fun Fact about me: My favorite sound in the entire world is that popping sound of the cork when a Prosecco bottle is opened.

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