The Eagles Playoff Paths After Beating The Rams

Holy big dick swinging Foles. Eagles went into LA last night and pulled off an upset of epic proportions. By the time kickoff occurred the Eagles were 13 point dogs and by the time the final whistle blew they were 7 point winners. A WILD turn of events.

So now after all hope seemed to be lost with Wentz’ injury, we now get to look at playoff scenarios.

Playoff Picture as it stands today

1 – New Orleans Saints: 11-2

2 – Los Angeles Rams: 11-3

3 – Chicago Bears: 10-4

4 – Dallas Cowboys: 8-6

5 – Seattle Seahawks: 8-6

6 – Minnesota Vikings: 7-6-1

7 – Philadelphia Eagles: 7-7

8 – Washington Redskins: 7-7

9 – Carolina Panthers: 6-7

So mathematically the Eagles still have a shot for the NFC East but FiveThirtyEight only gives them a 5% chance. The Eagles would have to win out and the Cowboys would have to lose out. But with Dallas’ last two against the Buccaneers and @ The Giants……congrats on the NFC title you roaches. The more realistic path to the playoffs is via the Wild Card.

So here’s what Philly needs to get in.

First the Eagles have to win out with a home game this week vs the Texans and a road finish vs the Redskins. Two big wins paired with any of these scenarios and the Birds will get a chance to defend their crown.

  1. Seahawks lose their last two games, home vs the Chiefs and home vs the Cards. Not super likely given the Cards stink out loud.
  2. Vikings lose at least one of their final two, @ the lions and home vs the Bears. Hopefully the Bears will be playing for the first round bye. As long as Chicago has something to play for they will beat Minnesota.

So get those dog masks back out. If the Eagles beat Houston this week I will say they are a lock for a return to the playoffs. They would also have to win three road games just to get to the Super Bowl but when you have a confident quarterback with a log between his legs, anything is possible.

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December 17, 2018 11:00 am

Heck yeah!! Let’s go Eagles!!!! Dad was pumped last night!! Lmao he was like oh my god! Lmao! Go birds!