Tinder Bumble Chronicles

Tinder Bumble time. Happy Friday everyone. Enjoy and safe swiping out there.

That’s a Vhairi good one

Animals DO like to travel Dan!! Well done



What type of mass is this?


Sleep swiping is a dangerous and apparently ugly game



‘Tis the season for clever opening lines


Have a feeling Mason isn’t really under 4’7″ but got caught with his hand in the cookie jar



Was his name Mason?



The “I’m married just looking for friends because I get along with them better” line. Future divorcée



Is my math broke?



It looks like M. Night is on Tinder



The smiley face after talking about killing a baby is some advanced level crazy



Not today Chris Hanson



The shocking part here is how long it took her to realize what was happening



That girl is the Devil Bobby!!



Put that on a shirt



This is an unsafe practice Kelly



This week’s immediately swipe right. Right up there with the “Sup retard” girl


Devin and Ryan know this will never work and are taking it as a joke. Trent on the other hand is here is fuck


Ladies have crazy requirements these days. This one seems fair though. Can’t out lift a 5’1″ gal, keep it movin

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