Joel Embiid Caught Playing Pick Up Last Night At A Local YMCA

Walking into the YMCA never know who you’re going to run into. Maybe Tommy from down the block or your brother-in-law getting his swole on. It’s a true melting pot. With that being said you never expect to walk into the Y and see one of the NBA’s best players playing some pick up ball. That is exactly what happened for this one fella.


Boom!!! You thought it was going to be a slow Thursday night but NOPE!! That’s Joel MFing EMBEEB!!! We’re talking an All-Star center for a top team in the league, potential MVP and he’s just yucking it up out in Havertown. What are the odds?

I will say though, Joel is looking a little shorter here than normal. Dad must be like 6’10”. Or maybe a weird camera angle I guess. Also is that an Upper Darby High School sweatshirt? A little odd but hey, Embeeb has always been a man of the people.

I’m heading over to the YMCA tonight. Hopefully I’ll run into him or Ben Summons or maybe even PJ McDonld, he’s the man. Oh and of course I’d lose my mind if I ran into Jimmy Cutler.

Fingers crossed

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