97.5 The Fanatic Has Dumbest Radio Call Of All Time

This was special, one of the dumbest human beings of all time named Brook.  Just stupidity that you can’t create.  You don’t make morons like this naturally, they’re born this way.  Let’s break it down clip by clip.

First- He has no clue he’s on the radio.  That happens quite often, it’s kind of funny but still very stupid.  If you want to get rid of the morons across the country have them call into sports radio and see if they realize they’re on or not.

Second- After he realized he is on the radio he says we need in week 15 to go pick up a mobile QB to run the team, because Foles is not mobile.  Now I think we can all agree with that however, it didn’t affect Foles in the Superbowl and what is going to get a QB now going to do?  We aren’t going to the playoffs Brook you horses ass.

Third- He says we need to find a running back, of course we probably do but again it’s week 15.  It doesn’t matter who you get and there are NO BACK’S TO GET!!! It makes me belly laugh when he says “There are running back’s out there” and when Mikey Miss say’s who he say’s “Look around!”

Fourth- When Mikey Miss calls him a total idiot and he responds with “You’re a total idiot” I again belly laugh.  That’s just a great second grade insult.  “You’re dumb” .. “No you’re dumb!”

What a classically dumb radio call.  I enjoyed the entertainment a lot.  Philly radio never changes and just get’s dumber and dumber people to call in.  Yesterday some moron said Foles to Alshon was Bradshaw to Lynn Swann and today the dumb human anus above.  Never change Philly callers, never change.

PS- Does Harry Mayes recall his dumbest caller ever?  Would love to hear stories about that



H/T- @TheReason540 on twitter

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December 14, 2018 3:38 pm

Lmao dad!! You brought me into a world with these people! Lmao what the heck! Send me back to the womb! For frick sake! Lmao!