The Rock Could Probably Eat Me

In order to become the “sexist man alive” and look like this

You gotta eat a shit ton of food and put hours of work in the weight room. The Rock eats an ungodly amount of food. Pretty sure if you butcher a whole cow or empty the Pacific Ocean, he’ll have no issues taking them down.

If there’s three things the Rock loves (besides his family) it’s working out, Netflix and cheat meals. He has no shame in sharing his meals on Instagram and it makes me jealous. It’s pretty ridiculous he’s able to consume all these meals and looks the way he does. If I ate this much, I’d look like the Pillsbury Doughboy, which would make sense with my Irish pale skin.

Also I’m jealous of his suits on Ballers, they’re on point!

Lets look at The Rock’s meals and get hungry in the process.




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