Scott Boras Holds Court and Other Notes From Day Three of Winter Meetings


The tornado that is MLB’s Winter Meetings continues to snatch up free agents and trade proposals as the week goes on. The big names like Harper and Machado remain in play, but the most interesting exchange came from Harper’s agent, Scott Boras on Wednesday.

The cock of the walk Boras that we all know and love planted himself in the middle of Mandalay Bay in Vegas where the meetings are being held. Not only that, he revealed (kind of) some of his clients potential landing spots in a cryptic way only Boras can use. Harper was on everyone’s mind as he spouted on about different clubs.

Scott Boras has every fan base of potential Harper landing spots in the palm of his hands. He’s great at saying everything while saying nothing at all. It’s an art form, but it gave us no real insight into the superstar’s future.

Unfortunately, outside of the Harper news, things don’t get much clearer. We’ll start with by far the longest saga of the day.

With the Yankees out on Harper, and a current outsider looking in on the Machado sweepstakes, they have set their focus on resigning J.A. Happ. It obviously doesn’t make them any better than last year yet they spent nearly the entire day negotiating with the 36-year-old starter. And still no deal.

Wednesday was full of a lot of dancing and chumming, but not much definitive action. That is outside of one trade that saw the Reds and Nationals swap Tanners on the mound.

Although Roark has teetered the last couple of seasons, he was at one point a premier pitcher for the Nationals. In 2016 he posted a 2.83 ERA for the Nets in 33 starts. Not too shabby for a Reds team looking to pick the pieces of a 95-loss season.

There’s only two days left in this year’s Winter Meetings. Deals will continue to get done and it’s likely the league will have some answers sooner than later on where some of the top commodities will be playing next season.

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