Patriots Fans Please Root For The Chargers Tonight


Thursday Night Football games are typically a little underwhelming but tonight’s matchup–the last TNF game of the season–between the Chargers and the Chiefs is kind of an important one for how the final AFC standings will shake out. The Patriots really fucked themselves over with that god damn “Miami miracle” game that I was lucky enough to witness in person, but if they want any shot of a first round bye and an easier road to their 3rd straight Super Bowl appearance, we all need to join together and root for the Chargers tonight.

Patriots fans have been cheering for the Chiefs to lose all season so it really shouldn’t be hard to put every ounce of energy into the Chargers tonight. The Pats own the tiebreaker against Kansas City from their win earlier in the season, when Kareem Hunt’s video was still sitting aimlessly on Roger Goodell’s desk and they were both at full strength and actually before Josh Gordon started to ease off the weed and start on that TB12 method.

But if the Patriots want to hold onto any hope of the #1 seed and home field advantage, they’re going to need the Chiefs to lose as many games as possible and the Chargers to also lose one down the line. The Pats have had trouble winning on the road this season, so they need all the help they can get. Sorry to admit to the haters that I would prefer the Patriots to have the easiest path to the Super Bowl as possible. I hate when fans say things like “oh don’t you want to beat the best of the best?” ….Well no I’d rather have Brian Hoyer kneeling down in a blowout win. Newsflash, being stressed isn’t fun. And there’s nothing I can imagine as less fun than listening to the collective media landscape and all of Twitter cumming at every Patrick Mahomes highlight if he beat Tom Brady in the playoffs.

Luckily for us (I am pretty much on the roster at this point) the Chargers and the Chiefs are in the same division, for all the idiots asking why the Chargers at 10-3 are a lower seed than the Pats currently at 9-4.

Following this handy dandy website Who2root4  helps break down who Pats fans need to root for this week, but it all starts with the Chargers.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 4.19.23 PM

Most importantly, Arrowhead is significantly more annoying to play at than the current Chargers stadium. The Chargers barely have any fans and the ones left are still a little salty they left San Diego.

But deep down I think all Patriots fans have a soft spot for Philip Rivers and the Chargers. They are like the cute and feisty younger brother always living in big brother’s shadow. I’m an only child so forgive me if that sibling analogy doesn’t make sense but there’s just something endearing about Philip Rivers and his little bolo ties. If anyone other than the Patriots is going to win the AFC this year, I’d rather it be the Chargers. That is if it can’t be the Browns….







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