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Just Found Out That Anna Kournikova Is Actually My Spirit Animal

Former tennis pro, Anna Kournikova is all about that top shelf life! She also clearly knows that Costco is where it’s at. (Costco is one of the greatest places on earth). She was spotted yesterday at the local Costco in Miami with an entire cart full of top shelf liquor. The cart consisted of over a dozen bottles of Kettle One, Grey Goose, Patron and Champagne.

Theseeeee are a fewwwww of my favorrrrrrrrite things!


You might be asking yourself, “who cares?” Celebrities I’m sure buy tons of alcohol all the time. HOWEVER, her and Enrique Iglesias’ twins happen to be turning 1 year old in a few days and I happen to love parents who still know how to let loose even after they have a few babies! Bottoms up and Happy Birthday to their little ones!

Although the kids may not know it’s even their birthday, I’m sure it’s one their parents and friends will never forget….or maybe they will depending on how many bottles they go through.

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