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Jimmy Butler Made A Youtube Channel And His First Video Is GOLD

Jimmy Butler is the Sixers’ version of Chase Utley. The hard working All-Star that this city can’t get enough of. Am I ready to put his name in the rafters? Yeah. I 100000000% am ready to take those steps. Sixers fans are ready to go steady with Jimmy. Let’s not play coy, get this man an extension because he is our everything.

So with all that being said when I found out Jimmy Buckets made a youtube channel I went from six to midnight. And after seeing the behind the scenes footage of his experience post trade and the lead up to his first home game. I may stay at midnight for the rest of my life.

Nothing more to say, just let the video breathe.

PS. Jimmy Butler Youtube channel and JJ’s podcast……..seem like they’d be great additions to Branded if you ask me.


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