Jimmy Butler, A 29 Year Old Aspiring Father, Is Being Judged For Driving A Minivan


I don’t know about everyone else but this video of Jimmy Butler running away from TMZ and closing the door to his Toyota Sienna minivan slipped through the cracks when they posted it in September.

In the video, TMZ–who is now officially the world wide leader in news–follows Jimmy Butler down the street asking random personal questions, as they usually do. They ask Jimmy if he would pursue Iggy Azalea again and if he’s been working out with Ochocinco, 2 pointless questions that aren’t strong enough for a good clickbait article anyways. But the headline wrote itself when Jimmy throws open the suicide doors of his Bentley and skrrrt skrrrts away. Just kidding Jimmy Butler hops in his Toyota minivan with a very misleading Baby On Board sticker considering he is single and has no kids.

“I’m telling you, you would never know it’s me swanging that bad baby,” Butler says.

“I stay real nonchalant with everything.”

There’s even a photo of Jimmy Butler with Iggy Azalea, getting into his minivan. I would have loved to see the look on Iggy’s face when she saw that Baby On Board sticker.


I guess when you listen to as enough country music as Jimmy does, a lifestyle of drinking Budweisers in your minivan while waiting for the kids to get out of soccer practice doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary.

I bet this move works wonders with the ladies. It’s genius. What NBA fuckboy is whoring around driving a family friendly minivan at 3am listening to Garth Brooks love songs? I would totally trust that Jimmy Butler is dozing off to game film in his La-Z-Boy recliner with a beer and a pack of Marlboros by 10pm every night he’s not with me.

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