Extra Salty Philly Cheesesteak..


On Monday I was lucky enough to be able to announce that Eytan Shander had joined Branded Sports. When CEO Joe asked me to do the video I knew I had to do it “The Kmess Way.”

I mean we all know I am “That Guy” would anyone expect anything less? I would hope not.

So naturally…

I did the video in front of my Cowboys banner, my Irish banner, wore my Yanks hat and tried to block my wife’s Eagles banner as much as possible.


Philadelphia, LOST. IT’S. FUCKING. MIND. (For the most part.)

I was attacked and attacked and attacked some more, but guess what? I loved it. And learned that man Philly Phans can be weak and rattled EASILY.

I mean isn’t Philly a tough city? Aren’t Philly fans gritty and strong? Didn’t y’all throw snowballs at Santa? Why is it you get triggered soooooo fast?

I mean..

My name isn’t dude… It’s Kmess. And you forgot one.. GO IRISH!


Haha!! The last Championship I saw was almost 10 years ago. I’m not an Eagles, Astros, Bama and Warriors fan man.

Yup, says pure class.

Wasn’t such a HARD pass because now Kevin is my best friend and follows me on Twitter!

Catch up man, I’m married to a damn Birds fan..

wah.. WAHHHHHH!!

Um no one at Branded has sex with animals man. But… So sorry to offend you Mr. Stoneface Green Dragon Sir.

My mom has a beautiful basement, and would never let me hang those banners in it.

Since this awesome tweet Kevin here increased his Twitter followers by 100%… From 0 to 1.

Why do so many of you hide behind fake ass cartoon pictures?

It’s ok. I understand you are all upset because this was the day after the Cowboys beat the Eagles.

But even CEO JOE knows when his fellow fans are acting like Mr. Softy!

But… Thank you for all of that free real estate I now own in all of your heads. Property is always a great investment. I will be sure to hold on to it all for a looooooooong time.

If you are that bothered that Harry and Eytan “even talk” to a Cowboys fan you need to go get that Jawn you call a brain checked!

And that is why he is the Captain of the Ship.

Enjoy that SALTY ass cheesesteak.

-Kmess “That Guy”

Feature Image – Sportige

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