Bring It Home, Rick

Former GM Jim Bowden made me freak out on my way out of work yesterday when he uttered these 14 words about the Bryce Harper sweepstakes:

“The front runner right now, believe it or not, is the Chicago White Sox.”


And now, all I can think  is “bring it home, Rick.”

Rick Hahn, you’ve been waiting for this moment to take place for two years, ever since you decided to tear this team down and build it back up. There hasn’t been this much hope in the fans since midsummer of 2005 before the Sox went on to win the World Series. And so far, you’ve made all the right moves.

He’s right there. He’s ready. Sign him.

Make Bryce Harper the goddamn face of the Chicago White Sox.

I know people, including a bunch of my Philly teammates here at Branded Sports, are freaking out over an interview Scott Boras gave on a Philly podcast – but you of all people know that’s just Scott Boras doing Scott Boras things. You’re not fazed by the compliments he gave to Jerry Reinsdorf, either. It’s alllll smoke and mirrors.

I’ve dug the quiet confidence you and Kenny Williams have had so far. Now it’s time to get this shit done. Be the Night King of the MLB and silence this league of peasants.

Bring it home, Rick. Bring it home.


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