Dombrowski Slams the Door on Trade Rumors

MLB’s Winter Meetings down in Vegas have been electric through the first couple of days. On Tuesday, the Red Sox got into the news feed with trade rumors surrounding key parts of last years World Series run.

This news sent Red Sox Twitter into a whirlwind of support to hang on to these guys. There was panic in the streets of Boston and I’m only slightly exaggerating. People were pissed and rightfully so.

Luckily with everyone in close quarters down in Vegas Dombrowski quickly disputed whatever rival exec was confirming Nightengale’s report…sort of.

This certainly calms the nerves a little bit. That doesn’t mean a player you may love won’t get dealt, but the fact that the mentality is to still win next season and not to shed money changes what the Red Sox are willing to accept in a trade. It raises the floor on trade returns for guys like JBJ and Xander. This team is great, but every team needs a little maintenance when it comes to the business of baseball. They’re goal is to still win now, but the reality of sustained success down the road still exists and it makes me happy to know Dombrowski is looking to do both. You always need to be moving forward.

Of course trades aren’t the only way to build a team, especially when you have a fuck ton of money like the Red Sox. With Pomeranz off the books and other smaller contracts being dropped by the Sox, there is growing wiggle room to make minor improvements to the club.

Dombrowski is a big swinging dick in the baseball world. He’s always wheeling and dealing like Ric Flair in his prime so it’s likely the Red Sox won’t stay stagnant this week. However, it’s hard not to trust him the way he has built this team. He got the right manager who he listens to, he’s talking to the clubhouse and making moves based on their opinions as well. He admitted having so many inputs in decision making was new to him, but it was clearly the right way of doing business. I don’t think Dombrowski will abandon that thinking now.

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