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Deadspin Writes Article Saying Gay People Need To “Shut The Fuck Up”

In a shocking turn of events today, Deadspin is out hating people and this time it is gay people.

Well who would have thought this would happen.  I get deadspin hates places like Barstool.  I understand why.  I even get why Deadspin hates everyone else.  They are wildly more successful, funny and entertaining. Now though, they are out against the gays, in an article that comes across as real actual hate speech.  Our guy Tony Bruno shared his thoughts.

Deadspin has its opinions that they are entitled too. Let me explain how those opinions work.  Deadspin wants all women, men, children and even gays to have a voice, speak loud, and say what they think.  As long as those people speak the way deadspin wants them to speak.  You see they don’t care about equal rights and free speech.  They care about people conforming to the way they think and the way they speak.  Now I am not going to get on my high horse and act like I’m some intelligent genius that knows politics or understands the inner workings of people.  I do know I don’t care who you like or what you do and you have the right to speak the way you choose to speak, and you have the right to speak about whatever the hell you want.  Therefore I won’t say deadspin can’t say this or feel this, that is their right.  I won’t take that away from them.  What I will say is what I think.

Deadspin is human garbage.  Deadspin is the website version of Rae Carruth and complains about all the OJ Simpsons of the world.  They only care about women who agree with them, that’s why they pick on Erika Nardini all of the time.  They only care about gays who agree with them, thats why they called another homosexual man a “traitorous queer”


They want anyone who is not like them to be exterminated.  That goes for gays as well as women now.  Don’t forget folks, that’s what deadspin thinks of you if you’re not like them.  I’m not saying that’s the same ideology of a mad-man that started WWII, you can make that assumption on your own.


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Let me wobble back to my corner, Joe Pa knew.

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