Brian Cashman Hits the Strip!


So it’s day three of the MLB Winter Meetings in Las Vegas. There are some massive names on the free agent market.

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Including the likes of Bryce Harper and Manny Machado.

Every year as fans we get excited for the Winter Meetings… We think it’s going to be names FLYING around from team to team.

Trades. Free Agent signings. It’s an amusement park for baseball fans, and it’s going to be so crazy we won’t know what hit us.

Wrong. As usual.

As a Yankee fan I always want more. Yes they have 27 championships, but I want more. Yes they have Judge and Stanton but I want more. Yes they traded for Paxton already… But, I. Want. More.

However, Cashman and the Yanks have already said they are out on Bryce Harper. Did I want him? Sure, because I want more. But… I’m ok with it. (I think he lands in Philly or LA.)

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Will the Yankees pull the trigger on Machado? I think the Bronx would be the only place he would go back to 3rd, they could move the infield around, especially with Didi hurt… But, I doubt it.

Then yesterday we heard a crazy 3 way trade in the works with the Mets, Yankees and Marlins. With ultimately the Yanks getting Thor. (Noah Syndergaard.) But anyone who thinks this could actual happen needs their head examined.

Now today…

This would be a nice move for the Bombers. Happ pitched great for them after coming over in a trade. (Except in Boston in the playoffs.) But I would welcome him back with open arms. Add him back in with Sevy, Tanaka, CC and now Paxton and I like it.


…I want more.

If Syndergaard isn’t going to happen. (Which it’s not) go make another bold move. Strike a deal with Cleveland and go get Kluber. Go make a phone call and get Dallas Keuchel, before he signs with Philly. (He said he would shave to come to the NYY.)

Image – LV Review

Cash… I know Vegas is fun. I know there are a ton of sights, a ton to do (even though Britney is gone) but… Let’s put the margarita down and pick the phone up, then jump in the pool (offseason pool not the swimming pool at the hotel) and make a splash.

It doesn’t have to be Harper or Machado massive… But something big to help this team.

Because again, we want more. And NO more Sox Championships.

Get it done.

-Kmess “That Guy”

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