Bam Margera Is Throwing A Banger Tomorrow And You, Yes You, Can Attend

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That’s right Bam is throwing one last banger at Bam Castle and if you’re in the Philadelphia/West Chester are you are invited. Bam tossed out an open invite on Instagram earlier this week. Looks like Bam is prepping to do some demo that would make the Gaines proud. Sounds like they are going to have a huge skating bash, with live bands and then tear the entire place apart.

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To the skaters!

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Here is a list of some of the other events taking place tomorrow at Bam’s castle:

  • $20,000 Easter egg hunt. He will be hiding money all over the property
  • A huge list of bands that will be playing
  • $100 for any skaters that attempt to “bomb the driveway freddy gall.” *No clue what that one means.
  • 2,000 confirmed skaters including pros
  • And more

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The schedule

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Here’s a great chance to destroy another man’s house and most likely see some wild shit in the process. So if you have the day off or more than likely, don’t have a job. Head on down to 435 Hickory Hill Rd. in West Chester. Stop on into Ryan’s pub to get a nice base buzz and enjoy the afternoon.

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