Scott Boras Doing Boras Things and Other Notes From Day One of Winter Meetings

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MLB’s annual Winter Meetings kicked off in Vegas Monday and to no surprise Scott Boras came in like a mad man wielding a 118-page guide to everything Bryce Harper.

“The meetings have lasted anywhere from five to 10 hours, with teams presented a parting gift in the way of agent Scott Boras’ 118-page handbook, telling you everything you want to know about Harper and more.”  – USA Today

I don’t know if 5-10 hour meetings are routine, but I’d say they are warranted when $200+ million are being tossed around. I am not alone in thinking that whatever Harper gets is probably too much. He’s a great player, you won’t hear me argue otherwise, but let’s be real. It’s cliche, but those deals never, ever pan out. Unfortunately Boras has 118 reasons that myself, and any other doubters, are complete fools. That said, it’s nearly impossible to dispute the fact that Boras is a big swinging dick and will stop at nothing to stay that way. Got to respect it.

Aside from Boras’ massive balls knocking over some nice antiques at the hotel, there were some awards to be won on the first day of Winter Meetings.

As the resident Red Sox fan, we’ll start with scouting awards.

A seemingly meaningless award to the masses, but a well deserved one. Being an MLB scout is no easy occupation. The countless days at empty high school fields and independent leagues go into building a big league roster and the names listed make the magic happen behind the scenes. Shout out Brad Sloan for the ring.

Next up is Baseball America’s Organization of the Year award.

It would make sense that this award should go to the champs, but it’s hard to say the Brewers weren’t one of the league’s best as well as the most improved organization over the last few years. Kudos to Christian Yelich and the gang out there looking to take out the entire NL next season.

No big impact moves were made on day one, but here’s all the minor transactions of the day.

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 6.39.30 PM.png

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Think of day one as a little foreplay to lube up any big deals. That’s the hope anyways.

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