Pierce is the Worst Picker in Porcupine History

This may be the worst pick in animal picking history.

Come on Pierce! Are you even trying? How are you going to pick “no defense” Oklahoma over #1 “you can’t stop me” Alabama? 

Take it from someone who follows college football and isn’t a porcupine. Alabama is going to win against Oklahoma. I made that pick without a bowl of food being waived in my face. I made that pick on stats and facts. 

Fact: Oklahoma does not play defense. The allowed 32.4 points per game this year. Along with that, they’ve allowed 448.1 yards per game. 

Fact: Alabama is playing this game angry. Tua is going to be healthy and pissed he didn’t win the Heisman against Oklahoma’s Kyle Murray. 

This is going to be an easy pick. Alabama is currently at -14. I think that line will creep up to -21 when Tua is officially cleared. Also, the over/under is set at 81. That won’t go up, but you better believe I’m taking the over. This will be all offense and no defense.  

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