OSU Making College Dreams Come True!

How times have changed since CEO Joe and I were in college together. Some good and some bad.

I am so thankful social media wasn’t what it is today back then. However I am so jealous on the verge of angry that I am missing out on what Ohio State University just installed on campus.

A new vending machine.

Doesn’t sound that exciting does it?

Kmess who gives a shit? I see vending machines every day.

Not like this…

Image – upi

Yes. You see that correctly. That is a god damn bacon vending machine!

upi.comThe Ohio Pork Council, a trade group for Ohio pork producers, installed a vending machine at the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences that dispenses cooked, ready-to-eat Smithfield, Hormel and Sugardale bacon.

Proceeds from the machine, which charges $1 for a strip of bacon or a handful of bacon bites, are being donated to the school’s meat science program.”

Image – whdh

You are pulling an all nighter at the library, no more M&M’s… BOOM BACON. You are running late to a final but are starving, have a dollar on you? BOOM BACON. You want a turkey club but only have turkey lettuce and tomato… Run across campus for one dollar… BOOM BACON!!

Image – Delish.com

How mad is Urban Mayer right now? He announces he’s leaving OSU and now they have a Bacon Vending Machine. Tough luck loser.

Baaaaaacon. BAAAAACOON! Bacon Bacon Bacon!!


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