Hot Stove: Harper Watch


It’s now day two of the MLB Winter Meetings, and #HarperWatch is officially on.

Here’s what they’re saying…

  • Top 3 suitors?

It’s interesting to see the Nationals not listed. I can’t understand sinking 140 Million into Patrick Corbin, and then letting a once in a generation homegrown superstar walk out the door.

That’s just crazy to me.

On the other-hand, I can’t see a them sinking 140 million into one player then 300 + into another.

That would also be pretty crazy.

  • The odds 

Let me be the first to tell you that these odds mean absolutely nothing. If you followed CEO Joe and myself during #LeBronWatch, these odds were continually wrong, up until they swung heavily in the Lakers favor.

Until you see a major swing, it doesn’t mean shit.

  • Harper’s agent, Scott Boras is soaking up the spot light… 

As Nick Dubs pointed out…  Scott Boras came out swinging in day one…

Boras is going to milk Harper’s free agency for all it’s worth. It’s possible that he drags this out until Thursday, or even longer.

These meetings are centered around the 26-year-old superstar, and Boras is going to take nothing less than the highest bid.

  • The Yankees are out?

The Yankees are always looming. I’d personally never count them out of anything. I would imagine they will be active this winter, however, Harper may be too rich for even their blood.

  • The Phillies are in on everyone (allegedly) 

The Phillies have a ton of pressure on them to sign a major star this winter.

It’s important to note that Phillies reporter Jim Salisbury (the best Phillies reporter in the Philadelphia area) has consistently named Manny Machado as the guy he believes the Phillies will ultimately sign.

Whether they sign Harper or not, I do believe they will be extremely active…

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Phillies sign a player today not named Harper or Machado. They seem to be involved on every free agent available.

  • Are the White Sox for real?

Branded Sports Chicago blogger, Kurbs has been beating this drum for weeks, but everyone has been dismissing the idea.

Maybe it’s time to start taking the White Sox seriously….

  • Mystery owner?

This is very interesting.

My first thought when I saw this “rumor” was that it’s probably Phillies owner John Middleton.

Then I started to think. Could it be Magic Johnson? That would seem like a very Magic type move.

Despite Magic shooting down the Harper rumors, I wouldn’t count out the possibility of him bringing Harper to LA.

Where will he sign? 

With Scott Boras running the show, it’s anyone’s guess.

I’d rank the contenders like this…

  1. Phillies- Open checkbook, need a star
  2. Dodgers- It’s LA
  3. Nationals- Can they really sign Corbin for 140 mil and not bring back Bryce freaking Harper!!
  4. White Sox- Money talks
  5. Cubs- I just have a weird feeling. Harper and Bryant are BFFs
  6. Yankees- I’ll never count them out
  7. Braves- Why not?
  8. Giants- They need something
  9. Mets- New GM might want to make a statement
  10. Angels- They love spending money

There’s no doubt that Boras will will hold out for the highest bidder. In 2000 he walked away with a huge victory leading his client, Alex Rodriguez to a 10 year $252 Million dollar mega deal. 18 years later, I’m not expecting Boras to take a loss. So if he doesn’t get what he likes, this could drag out.

As we know, the A-Rod deal didn’t exactly work out for the Rangers. So, proceed with caution.

Stay tuned.


Feature image: Las Vegas Review Journal 

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