Hey, Jim Boylen: You’re Not Gregg Popovich

I’m sure many of you Bulls fans reading this saw the report that came out yesterday about the Bulls players going to the NBA Player’s Association about Jim Boylen working them too hard with “extreme tactics.”

Extreme tactics or not, the Bulls looked like crap again in a 108-89 loss to the Sacramento Kings.

Now, I don’t know if the Bulls need to run a metric fuck ton of suicides like Boylen made them do. I’m not at practice and I’m too fat to keep up with these players to critique their conditioning routine.

But, my favorite part of this report is the fact that Jim Boylen thought he could act the way he did because…wait for it…

From Bleacher Report: According to Goodwill and Haynes, Boylen leaned on the two seasons he spent with the San Antonio Spurs as justification for his handling of the team.

Bulls players quickly made it clear they weren’t going to put up with that: “Boylen repeatedly referenced his days on the San Antonio Spurs staff and instances in which coach Gregg Popovich pulled all five players off the floor to send a message, sources said. A player responded, sources said, telling Boylen in essence that they aren’t the Spurs and, more importantly, he isn’t Popovich.”

This fucking guy thinks he’s GREGG POPOVICH.

Hey Jimmy, you’re not. You’re not a guy who has won 5 NBA Championships. You’re not a guy who has won NBA Coach of the Year three times. You’re not a guy who helped grow the legendary careers of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili.

You’re just…Jim Boylen. An assistant who fell into the Bulls job because GarPax’s “guy” didn’t work out.

Dude, NOBODY cares that you coached with Pop for 2 years. Only thing you’ve done so far is go 1-2 as the Bulls head coach, oversee the WORST loss in franchise history and add more gasoline to the dumpster fire that is the Bulls organization right now.

Image result for gregg popovich and jim boylen
Gregg Popovich sits with Jim Boylen and wonders why he keeps trying to be him (Photo: NBC Sports)

And former Popovich pupil Tony Parker couldn’t agree more, either.

From Bleacher Report: Goodwill and Haynes interviewed Charlotte Hornets guard Tony Parker, who has plenty of experience working with Popovich in San Antonio, and he said that mimicking Popovich only works when you’ve built up the necessary trust with everybody involved.

Until you literally do everything Gregg Popovich has done, stop justifying your actions because you breathed the same air as Pop or used the same pisser as him.

As always, #FireGarPax


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Featured Photo: Ipsaunilag/Sporting News

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