Help for Wentz is Just one Phone Call Away!

This just in… DeFilippo is out as the Vikings OC.   

Some crap about him looking ahead to next year and worrying about a possible Head Coaching gig instead of his current job… blah blah blah whatever.  All I care about is our prayers may have been answered.  What better way to get Carson Wentz back to being the MVP type player he was last year then bringing back his position coach. The same coach that worked all year with him on his mechanics and pre-snap reads.  All the things we came to know and love from Carson that seem to have vanished along with the god given ligaments in his knee. Maybe it’s a comfort thing… maybe he isn’t fully healthy… maybe he doesn’t trust his offensive line… maybe it has been drilled in his head that he has to be a pocket passer and can’t run or else he’ll get hurt.  Whatever the issues are with Carson, the solution to those problems could lie within the hands of the one, John DeFilippo.


Carson had a great rookie year.  We saw flashes of greatness that got the entire city excited for what the future held for our beloved Eagles.  Then came his sophomore year where fear of a sophomore slump were quickly put to rest when we saw him shit all over the Washington Redskins.


All we heard that entire offseason was how Wentz was working on his mechanics and developing himself as an elite NFL Quarterback.  That has to be thanks in large part to DeFilippo and many of the other offensive coaches that worked tirelessly with him.

The Wentz we are seeing this year is lost.  He is staring down receivers, not moving out of the pocket, not orchestrating an offense pre-snap, overthrowing and under-throwing targets, and missing easy reads.  He may be overusing Zach Ertz but damn is that one hell of a security blanket… I can’t fault him on throwing to a guy when his catch percentage is over 75%…. But as for everything else, we need him to get back to that comfortable, super-athletic, MVP type player from last year.

wentz n flip 2

If there was ever a time to create a position on a coaching staff – it’s now.  He doesn’t have to be our OC or even our QB coach. Bring him in as an offensive assistant or just as a Quarterback consultant… hell bring him in as the god-damn ball boy for all I care.  Get his ass into the NovaCare Complex so he can work his magic and get our boy Wentz back to the player he was last year!

Oh wait… there’s only 3 weeks left and we have to win out against not only the Rams but Houston as well?  Screw it… bring him in anyway and let’s go for it!  LFG!!!


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