Wentz Report

Stats: 22/32 228 yards, 3 TDs, 120.3 QB rating

The bad: 

Unable to extend drives/3rd down efficiency/Slow start

This was the theme for a struggling Eagles offense.

1-9 on third downs.

The 1 came on the very first drive. Wentz hooked up with Ertz for a 9 yard gain, but after that it was all down hill.

The opportunities were there, but Wentz could not extend drives.

The time of possession was laughable… 45:33 for Dallas, and 22:32 for the Eagles.

I can’t really blame Wentz for this, but who the hell called this play???

It’s tough to win games when your offense can’t stay on the field.

Wentz was only 6/8 for 48 yards in the first half.

The Eagles have scored 28 first quarter points in 13 games this season.

Some really bad throws

-On the first drive Wentz had Dallas Goedert open but was unable to connect…

-The deep ball has been a problem all season. On the Eagles third procession Wentz had Golden Tate open, but the pass was overthrown…

– On a 2nd and 3, the Cowboys blitzed off the edge. Wentz made the correct read, but was unable to make the throw. This would have been an easy first down.

Pocket presence 

This has been a season long issue and was on full display in the first half.

On the first drive, following the awful throw intended for Goedert, Wentz holds onto the ball for way too long, doesn’t feel the rush, and gets sacked on a 3rd and 8.

It’s possible that he’s still uncomfortable rolling around on his surgically repaired knee. But what ever the case is, it’s almost like he’s stuck in cement at times. He has no feel for the rush right now.

Over-reliance on Ertz

Their connection has been a strength in weeks past, but Wentz was caught staring in his direction way too many times yesterday.

This also goes hand-in-hand with pocket presence. For whatever reason, he’s too locked in on his first read… and it seems like nine times out of ten that read is Zach Ertz.

On the final drive before the half the Eagles were finally moving the ball. Wentz hit Ertz for gains of 9 and 12 on consecutive plays.

On the very next play, he was looking in Ertz’s direction yet again. This time he stood flatfooted in the pocket, was sacked and fumbled.

The worst part about this was Wentz completely staring down a covered Zach Ertz.

The fumbles have to stop !!

Body language 

His body language is very concerning. He looks frustrated and a bit nervous at times.

I don’t know if it’s the injury or what, but he looks off.

The good:

4th down conversion

After struggling all day to extend drives, Wentz was able to set his feet and throw a dart to Darren Sproles in stride on a 4th and 3.

5:25 left in the game 

Better late than never.

Down 16-9 with 5:25 left, Wentz finally went to work. He was 3-3 for 42 yards and a TD on the drive, including one of his best throws of the game, a 26 yard connection with Dallas Goedert.

He then went back to Goedert for the TD..

Big time poise 

After Amari Cooper went 75 yards for a touchdown, Wentz had 3:01 left to come down and tie the game.

He was actually able to tie the game twice.

The 75 yard connection with Goedert was a great ball, and one of the worst penalties I’ve ever seen.

To be able to come back after that, and after such a rough game to this point, and then lead another game tying TD was pretty remarkable.

The deep ball to Agholor was a thing of beauty…

Instead of forcing the ball to Ertz in the end zone, he hit Sproles in space and allowed him to make a play for the second game tying TD.

Final thoughts

It would have been nice to see what Wentz could have done with one more procession.  He could have had that defining moment we are looking for, but unfortunately he didn’t get the chance.

He deserves credit for bouncing back late in the 4th quarter after such a rough game.

However, for three quarters + he was really off.

Starting hot and extending drives was the story of the Eagles offense last season. But those strengths have become crippling weaknesses in 2018.

Staring down his first read, missing open receivers, standing flatfooted in the pocket, and his overall pocket presence are all concerning.

I’m also worried about his body language. He almost looks depressed at times.

It’s possible that he’s not fully healthy, or he could just be lacking confidence with his knee.

I’m not sure what exactly this issue is, but something is clearly off.

The good news is that this was a bad performance and he was still able to have have a QB rating of 120.3.

Who knows what would have happened if the Eagles were able to get the ball back, but in the end, the late game heroics weren’t enough to make up for the slow start.

Grade: D

For Comparison: 

2018 Wentz: 

279/401, (69.6 %) 3074 yards, 21 TDs, 7 INTs, 102.2 QB rating

2002 Tom Brady: 

315/491, (64.1 %) 3,276 yards, 26 TDs, 11 INTs, 91.60 QB rating

-Now, here comes the spin….

It’s only year three!! Young quarterbacks have bad games, and even bad stretches.


Carson Wentz @ New Orleans:

19/33, 156 yards, 3 INTs, 31.9 QB rating

Jared Goff @ Chicago: 

20/44, 180 yards, 4 INTs, 19.1 QB rating

2002 Tom Brady @ Tennessee (week 14) 

14/29, 134 yards, 1 INT, 47.2 QB rating

Year three Tom Brady had back-to-back games (week 14 and 15 with the season on the line) with less than 150 yards passing. He also had eight games with a QB rating of under 80!

It happens.

Everyone’s favorite QB, Aaron Rodgers didn’t have bad games in his third year because he was on the sidelines holding a clipboard.

Wentz is far from a finished product. Bad stretches will happen.

He’s taken a step back this season and yet he’s still thrown 21 TD passes in 11 games, and has a QB rating of 102.2. Imagine what he will do once he gets back on track?!!?

I believe a full off-season, without rehab, to work on his game is exactly what he needs to come back strong in 2019.

Updated league ranks

Yards: 18th

YPG: 11th (279 YPG)

Yards per-attempt: 14th (7.67)- has been dropping week after week

TDs: tied for 14th

Comp %: 4th (69.6)

QB rating: 7th 102.2

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