Want To Watch A College Kid Destroy His Entire Career Before It Starts By Being Drunk And Kinda Racist?


This is a tough look. Kid clearly is drunk for the first time in his life.

Nerd boy growing up, probably a freshmen at Columbia and finals just ended. Time to celebrate. Call up Tanner, Bryce, Cody and Brad, tell them to crank up “Don’t stop believin” and prep the jungle juice. Nicholas just crushed his math exam, now it’s time to get turnt and find some hunnies.

Kid played one too many games of beer pong and now he’s looking down the barrel of a racist viral video. Tough Monday. I’m sure his dad is on the phone with his top lawyer trying to figure out how he can pay twitter to take this video down. Sorry pops. The internet is forever. Like a big racist tattoo.

Kid needs to take notes from Lil Dicky. You can be proud to be a white dude you just can’t say dumb shit like white dudes invented everything. Just statistically inaccurate and pretty douchey. Watch this video kid, take notes and do better.

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