Victory Monday!


All day today I have been walking around like…


What a crazy game. 6-0 at half and ends up being 29-23 in overtime, wow.

Let me start off objectively, yes Eagles fans I agree the fumble call was bad. I immediately said to myself at the moment “well that’s just great… Eagles Ball.” But apparently I was wrong and so was almost everyone else too.

But beyond that… The Cowboys have won 5 straight games. What only feels like a week ago they were 3-5 and heading into Philly for a Sunday night Funeral.

The Birds were wearing their all blacks and going to put Dallas in the grave… Until they didn’t. The boys would go on to dominate that game in Philly and then rattle off four straight heading into yesterday’s first place face off.

Dallas dominated for most of the game. They kept the ball for what seemed like the entire first half. Grinding first down after first down… 16 of them in the first half. However they only had 6 points to show for it at halftime.

(Thanks to a franchise record long 62 yard field goal by Brett Maher.)

I was happy with their play at halftime but very angry at their inability to score and put the game away early. Anytime you dominate a game like that but don’t put the ball in the end zone, you know what will happen…

And it happened. The Eagles got back in the game.

After taking a 9-0 lead, Dak set the Birds up with his second INT of the game that would be brought back to the 2 yard line. Carson Wentz cashed in on a TD pass to Jeffery to finally put themselves on the scoreboard.

(But they would miss the PAT.)

Wentz was shutdown completely until the second half when he started getting his rhythm. Hitting Ertz, Dallas, Alshon and Sproles.

But in the end it wasn’t enough.

The Birds tied the game and didn’t allow Dallas to even attempt a game winning Field Goal at the end of regulation.


Dallas would score on their opening possession of overtime, to win the game. A deflected pass (played perfectly by Douglas) into the waiting arms of Amari Cooper for the touchdown.

Cooper played out of his mind… Again. He had 10 catches for 217 yards and 3 touchdowns. 2 in the fourth and 1 in overtime for the win. The only player to have 3 go ahead/game winning touchdowns in a 4th and OT.

Zeke was also Zeke again. The dude was SPENT by the end of the game, and deservingly so. He had 28 carries for 113 yards along with 12 catches for 79 yards. That’s… FOURTY touches. This Dallas offense runs through 21.

And Dak. Oh Dak. I want to love you, I do. But you make it so hard. Yes he threw for 455 yards and 3 touchdowns. But he also threw an INT in the end zone and another off the shadow of his own end zone. Oh yeah and ANOTHER timely fumble. He also missed Gallup wide open for 6 twice, again.

He is a hell of a leader. I will never bash his toughness or will to win. However he needs to get better at ya know, throwing the football and seeing the field, or he will hold this team back.

Dallas has a legit Super Bowl caliber defense, with two of the NFL’s best playmakers on offense. That should keep them in almost any game, and give them a chance to make noise in the playoffs….

…But it will all come down to Dak.

First game in franchise history the Cowboys had a 400 yard passer. A 200 yard receiver. And, a 100 yard rusher.

Wait… What was that about choking??

The boys are now 8-5 with a two game lead in the division and 3 to play. They are at the Colts, home against the Bucs and on the road at the Giants to finish the year.

It won’t be easy, but hopefully this team which is flying high (and will be getting a few key players back) can ride this down the stretch and into the playoffs.

Only time will tell.

-Kmess “That Guy”

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