The Celtics Will be Without Five Big Names Against the Pelicans


The Celtics have their first true test during their recent winning streak in Anthony Davis and the Pelicans Monday night. It was an exciting match up in Boston that could’ve been a good test to their recent success if it weren’t for the entire fucking team getting hurt all at once.

That’s right folks. I guess the Celtics had a team bonding exercise where they all fell down a flight of stairs because Monday night they will be without three opening day starters in Kyrie, Hereford and Hayward, Baynes who is an important rotational player and often in the starting lineup himself and Yabu.

I know Yabu isn’t on the same level of the other absences, but if you think his THICC ass won’t be missed too, you’re wrong.

What’s really unfortunate is this could’ve been a good measuring stick for how the Celtics are progressing. They’ve been shit pumping the bottom teams in the league, but AD is an MVP-caliber player. It would’ve been nice to see what the team could’ve done against him.

Now we’re left with a throw away game. If the Celtics lose, who cares? They had no one. If they win, who cares? We already knew our second unit could carry the team to a win. We saw it last year in the playoffs. Either way it’s a waste of what could’ve been a good game.

Never the less, the game will be played. Win or lose, post-game party is in the training room.

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