NFL’s Heartbreak Hotel


This past Sunday was the day of heart breakers. Eagles, Steelers and Patriots all lost in devistating fashion. I’d say the Ravens are borderline but that game wasn’t even supposed to be that close. Here’s the carnage.

Steeler slip up

Pittsburgh found themselves in an awkward position, I’m sure there is a Big Ben joke there somewhere. They were looking up at the Raiders. With only seconds left and the Steelers down by 3 it was hook and ladder time.

Well executed and perfect position for a game tying field goal. Go into OT and have a shot to win it there.

Yikes. Steelers lose.

That Charlie Brown field goal attempt came a few short hours after the Patriots lost in what will now be know as the Miami Miracle. You’ve seen it 100 times already. Here’s 101.

Want some amazing Pat fan reactions?

And of course the worm heard round the world

Lastly we have the Eagles. This game was Eagles heartbreak after heartbreak. They got burned over and over and STILL were in it to the last second. Take it from the top.

How about the fumble that wasn’t called a fumble that was clearly a fucking fumble?

Preach Malcolm

Fast forward the Birds are down and in need of a quick score. What do they get? 75 yard TD from the big rookie TE. Wait!!! It’s coming back for this??!??!??!!


And to top it all off here’s how the game/season ended for Philadelphia.

Douglas did literally everything he could on that play. Unlucky bounce, unlucky season. Hopefully this Monday ends fast and we can all go back to bed.

Hope you enjoyed your stay at the NFL Heartbreak Hotel

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