Mugshot Monday: Face Tatted Methhead Lady

Happy Monday… Time for the segment sweeping the nation. Mugshot Monday!

This week we are bring you… A famous person? NOPE.

Alyssa Zebrasky, a 27 year old from Ohio. She had a warrant out for her arrest for not showing up to court on obstruction of justice charges.

Then… Because of course she tried stealing something from Walmart and got caught. She was VERY easily identified…

I mean what’s going on here? Is that half a spiders web on her forehead or an old-timey fan? Are those flowers around her eyes?

Her nose looks like it has zinc on it. Hey maybe she’s trying to be sun responsible?

Image – news hub

I swear that picture looks like some kind of Facebook Face Swap App.

“Want to see what you would look like if you merged it with a crazy looking clown? Click here. …Share on Facebook

Welp… Crazy lady of Walmart…. Maybe you can be the star of the Prison circus!


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