That. Just. Happened. The Bears Are Super Bowl Contenders.


If you would have told me before the Bears season starated that I’d be writing a blog on December 9th about the Bears beating the Rams, I would have jacked you in the face in told you to stop messing with me.

But here we are. On that date. And I’m writing that damn blog.

Holy shit. The Bears beat the Rams.

And now, I can’t believe I’m saying this…

Holy shit. The Bears ARE Super Bowl CONTENDERS. 

In what was one of the ugliest games played all year, the Bears pulled out a victory against the top team in the NFC at home and in primetime. Their defense made Jared Goff look like Nathan Peterman and ruined fantasy teams across the nation hoping for Todd Gurley to bail them out (looking at you, Murt).

But that’s what’s so damn amazing about this team – they beat the best team in the NFC when their quarterback played arguably the worst game of his career. Vic Fangio’s boys stepped up on defense when they should have been tired and beat. They won. They won. They won.

I can’t believe the D only allowed 214 total yards against that crazy LA Rams offense. 4 picks – with Kyle Fuller snagging his 7th of the year and Eddie Jackson his 5th. These big boys on the D-line were in Jared Goff’s Californian pretty-boy-face all night and didn’t let their foot off the gas pedal.

Most notably, 60-year-old Vic Fangio made 32-year-old Sean McVay his bitch.

Image result for vic fangio
Photo: Chicago Tribune

I also love that the one guy Sean McVay forgot in his little memorization exercise earlier this week that everyone and their mother creamed their pants over got the safety – hell yes, Eddie Goldman. He’s not gonna forget you now.

And even in one of the O’s worst games, Matt Nagy still showed his Swaggy ways.

A dialed up tuddie to BRADLEY SOWELL? With three defensive lineman in on the play? And the play is called Santa’s Sleigh? Come on!


Jordan Howard finally broke 100 yards in a game and Tarik Cohen did Tarik Cohen things again with 89 all-purpose yards.

Sure, Mitch Trubisky played like shit. But the dub still happened. He deserves our love even in his shitty games. And let’s not forget, he sure as shit isn’t Rex Grossman.

After having my heart broken in OT against the Giants last week, I’m suddenly a believer again. I believe these boys can play against anyone. I believe they can go all the way. I believe they can go to the goddamn Super Bowl.

Bear Down, everyone. We’re comin.’


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Featured Photo: Chicago Bears Twitter

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