Six Pack Sunday: I Continue To Disappoint My Dad With This One


It’s no secret I am a very strange mutt of a sports fan. I declare myself a Patriots, Lakers and Yankees fan but the truth is I really only care about football and basketball. I root for the Yankees, but mostly only so my dad still considers me his child.

It’s a good thing he will never see this blog because this week’s Six Pack Sunday is unfortunately again as of a few days ago, a Boston Red Sox.

I’ve tried to keep it on the low for a while but Nathan Eovaldi could get it (JD Martinez too I’ll just get it all off my chest at once).

Eovaldi won the World Series with the Red Sox just a few months ago and despite a short lived free agency period, signed a new 4 year $68 million dollar contract with Boston. To be fair the Yankees had their shot but couldn’t close the deal, and I commiserate.

Nathan Eovaldi is 28 and his wife Rebekah just announced she’s pregnant with their second kid. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on because his wife isn’t incredibly obnoxious on social media but it appears they’ve been together for at least 6 years. They seem to have a tradition of taking a picture of a picture of their anniversary picture and I honestly don’t hate it.

Nathan (do we go by Nate yet?) clearly looks hotter with hats because of those big ears so it’s a good thing he is a legit baseball player.

And as much as I hate to admit it, he really does look hotter as a Red Sock than as a Yankee.

It’s a good thing his wife isn’t an actual baseball fan though because going from pinstripes to red socks seems like a very hard transition.

Nathan is from Texas, the same town as Nolan Ryan, and has already had 2 Tommy John surgeries throughout his career, which is why the Yankees let him go in the first place. He was huge in the Red Sox 2018 World Series victory so it’s not hard to see why he just got PAID.

On a side note if I ever have a son he’s definitely playing baseball. They’re just throwing money around there like Rick Ross at a Miami strip club at 3am in the MLB.

If I have to disappoint my dad for the sake of a Six Pack Sunday, so be it. It’s my duty to give the women what they want. And the women want Nathan Eovaldi even if we can’t have him.



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