Yards after catch, we need more YAC for Eagles to take the division this Sunday against the Cowboys!  I watch every play of every Eagles game and analyzing what I think can be done better.  This year, I have noticed that our receivers get little to no YAC!  It is very rare for our receivers to have a 100 yard receiving game because when they catch the ball they either fall or get tackled IMMEDIATELY!  My number one target is Zach Ertz.  He is a phenomenal talent at tight end.  He is a weapon and is a mismatch against both cornerbacks and linebackers, but he gets NOOOO YAC!  Ertz has eclipsed 100 yards receiving in four games this year. To be honest I thought it was one before looking up his stats. His numbers are ridiculous this year! That being said, He is averaging 7.5 catches a game, good, he is averaging 10.5 yards per reception, also good. But, I feel like whenever he catches the ball he ends up on his back right away!  I need him to run some jabronis over and break a 25+ yard play.

Ertz Ground

The Eagles have been lacking in the big play department.  People say, “Well you lost Tori Smith who was your deep threat, it makes sense that there are no big plays.”  Are you kidding me!?  I feel like that dude NEVER caught the ball!  If he did, he bobbled it 5 times before corralling it in.  I am so happy I don’t have to watch the ball smack off that dude’s face mask anymore.

I get very jealous when I watch players like Travis Kelce, and Tyreek Hill from the Chiefs.  I feel like when those guys catch the ball you need to watch out, because they can take any play to the house, Hill with his speed, Kelce running people over.  Patrick Mahomes is a very very talented player and what he is doing in the league this year is legendary, but with those kind of weapons it’s hard to look average.  Tyreek Hill can catch the ball five yards behind the line of scrimmage at their own 10 yard line and poof he’s gone another Chiefs touchdown, and Mahomes is now 1 for 1 with 95 yards passing and 1 TD.  Come on!

Sorry, back to the YAC and the Eagles.  With Ertz having so many catches and not getting much YAC, I thought the signing of Golden Tate could help us and he would be our YAC man.  We did not see much until this past game against the Redskins, and boy can I tell you I am excited to play Dallas.  Tate had a great game against the Redskins and it is mostly because he got some YAC!   Golden Tate has some serious moves and is a tough runner, making him an awesome YAC producer.  Having Sproles back is also helping in the YAC department but his YAC is more commonly, yards after contact.  He is our smallest running back and one of the smallest running backs in the league, but somehow he stills produces the wonderful YAC.


The Cowboys are in trouble this Sunday and the key for the Eagles to come out victorious next week and through the rest of the season is YAC.  Let’s help our boy Wentz out and get him some yards after the catch.

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