Where The Hell is Ryan Donato?

An injury plagued Bruins team have been like a flickering light bulb since Chara and Bergeron went down. The kids, at times, have held down the fort and gritted out some wins, but it’s been very clear they need the big boys back. Thursday night in Tampa was another perfect example as sloppy breakouts and a shorty against them, which eventually went down as the game winner, notched the B’s another tally in the loss column.

Unfortunately, those type of games are to be expected when facing so many notable injuries. The one question nobody seems to be talking about is where the hell is Ryan Donato?

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His season has included a different line seemingly every practice and game as well as a stint down in the AHL recently.

I don’t want people to get a bee in their bonnet (shout out Jack Edwards) when they read this. I would say its pretty unanimous from everyone that Donato will be a fine NHL player for a long time. My curiosity stems from his current status.

Doesn’t this seem like the perfect opportunity for Donato to grab by the balls and shine? With all the injuries, Donato and the other young bucks in Boston get to rent the keys to the car in the meantime. It’s their team and Cassidy is generally one to allow them some breathing room to make an impact. It would be a real treat to have Donato be one of those guys.

The impact will need to come from both sides in every sense. First, the Bruins need to find him a home. Whether it be Providence to hone his skills or paired with a Krecji or JFK on a consistent basis in the show, Donato needs consistency as he learns the pro game. That needs to come from the Bruins side of things as they start looking forward to the rest of this month in particular.

Donato will also need to play from both sides. His biggest knock as he develops is his back check and play in the corners. At his size, and with his skill set, he’ll never be Bergeron in his own zone, but he needs to be up to snuff to at least not look like a chicken with his head cut off in the pros.

An opportunity is currently lingering for any takers on the Bruins roster. They need more production out of the whole, but it’s there to grab for each individual. Every guy not named Pastrnak, Marchand or Krug have something to prove. Let’s pray some runs with the opportunity in the next few weeks.

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