Tinder Bumble Chronicles

It’s Friday aka payday aka Tinder Bumble Chronicles day. The best profiles and the best chats from the week. Enjoy and safe swiping



The perfect bio doesn’t exis……………..





Fast forward 10 years.

Him: “Hey babe guess what day it is?” Her: “Say Deanna-versary again I fucking dare you!!” Him: **starts nervously sweating**






Has a solid bounce to it though you have to admit



When suicide jokes blow up in your face…..get it?



Yeah Will you fucking idiot



This weeks HARD pass



Really not that impressive if you think about it



Damn girl, who raised you?



This actually might be the smoothest line I’ve ever seen



Girls in 2018 summed up in one profile bio



Oh 20K is that it? What’s your venmo?



This is why I say safe swiping. Stay more like stay away, amirite?



35, pregnant and kinda single? Well aren’t you the little catch



1 and 1 quarter expert sudokus?



Do I have to say it? Fine. BUKAKKE



Fat shaming with an ugly face is a dangerous game Anna



Normally the female height requirement thing is ridiculous but this one is completely fair


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd swipes right

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