Football Friday: Branded Breakdown of Cowboys Eagles!

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So… it’s Football Friday. But, it’s not just any Football Friday…

…It’s the Friday before Cowboys Eagles. With everything on the line. The Cowboys are 7-5 in first place and looking to take a stranglehold on the division.

BUT, the Eagles are only a game behind, looking to tie things up with Dallas. You all know where I stand on this.

However, I thought we should check the pulse of the Branded Team ahead of the big game. See if they had any predictions or thoughts…

Let’s start with Glock. @B_McGLOCK

I respect it Glock. Supporting your squad with logical backing. I will just hope you continue your streak of crappy Eagles predictions!

How about 8-Ball Mike.. @uris_22

Uhhh… Thanks Mike?

Charlie and the Eagles Factory.. @chuckles152

Ok, this one I can’t even be mad at that..

Vinny brings the heat (well half of it) @VacayVinny

Love the hat… Hate the banner. Vinny, you’re a good looking dude, let us see the whole thing!

Oh Ru… This should be good. @BrandedRu

Woahhhhh Ru! I love you too. What a picture you paint for us. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you so animated. Not sure if I should be worried that you are more excited about the explosion than the win..

Branded Baby #2 has a prediction??

Ok he’s god damn adorable. And just like his father. He also seems to be a fast learner.

Big Bad Murt… @Moomer723

So angry. So feisty. And so predictable. I’ve known Murt for almost my whole life and I’ve been dealing with this since then. Buuuuuuuut watch out for that injury karma bug.. I would say something mean but I’m not like you Birds fans. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Jesse brings us back in time. @Jay_Roget

Hey DINK. Wait what’s a dink? Anyway your prediction stinks. That song stinks. Everything about this stinks! Except your hair. Ugh! Your hair is like a god damn work of art.

Wait how did my wife get in here??

Yes, she really sounds like that in person, isn’t it cute? She’s not kidding about the couch either. But good thing we have a guest room with a bed. Sorry babe… DOWN WITH THE DAMN BIRDS!! (love u) Boobs on point! #hotwife

CEO Joe… What you got?? @JPopo07

Joe loves to try and put baby in the corner. But NOBODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER!!

Game… ON, Joe.

I wanted to bring you all a small taste of Cowboys Eagles Week here at Branded. It’s all in good fun… Until it’s not.

Cowboys win, the Eagles are dead.

Eagles win, get me a ticket out of town.

Who will be the ottoman? Tune in Sunday at 4:25 to find out.

-Kmess “That Guy”

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December 7, 2018 11:35 am

Dad! Lmao! I didn’t know this was going on the site! Lmao! Omg! Does Mom know? Lmao thanks Dad!

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