Elf on the Shelf Gone Bad.

Everyone knows what “Elf on the Shelf” is. It’s a way/bribe to keep your kids well behaved during the holidays.

“If you keep up that attitude, the Elf is going to tell Santa you were a pain in the ass today and you won’t get that toy you wanted!”

In kids mind: *fuck I better behave.*

Basically what these kids believe is that the Elf watches them all day then when they sleep, he goes to the North Pole to report to Santa. Every morning the Elf will be in a different place. The kids are not allowed to touch the Elf or it loses its magic. Oh to be a kid again and believe these things. Growing up sucks.

So, my step son genuinely believes in this freaking elf. He will wake us up in the morning and be like “oh my god you guys will never guess where Freddy is today” at which point me and my fiancé have to act so surprised without laughing. One time my fiancé legit pretended to be scared that the elf jumped out at him hiding on our chandelier. A+ acting job. There were also a few times I drank too much wine after he went to sleep and forgot to hide the elf from the day before (oops) so then I have to come up with a complete on the spot excuse like, “maybe Freddy drank some of my wine and didn’t want to move.” It could happen right?

Actual Elf on the Shelf image from my home.

Anyway-the Elf works and makes your kid behave and be extra good so I’m personally all for it and dread the day my kids stop believing in this stuff.

However, the purpose of this article is for a good laugh. I was randomly researching “funny elf on the shelf pictures” not expecting to see the most hilarious, inappropriate posts and so naturally, I just had to share my favorites below. (Parents-don’t try this at home or your kids will have lots of questions and most likely need therapy in their adult lives because of the Elf)….

Image-The Buzz

Image-One Country



Image-Pop Sugar




These are amazing. Have an awesome day and you’re welcome for the laugh. Damn Elf.

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