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So excited to begin my journey with Branded Sports and have an outlet for the things in the sports world that are moving me enough to write about, both locally and nationally. On radio, I was limited to a few select topics, sports and teams to where it got repetitive to the point of monotony. Here, I will delve into all sports including college football and basketball and even golf. I’ll also hit on some music, movies and assorted pop culture subjects from time to time.

I welcome any ideas, requests, compliments and, of course, complaints in the comments section. I will take any and all under advisement. Also, looking forward to my podcast, coming in January. Stay tuned…

The Eagles win gets them to 6-6, YAYYYY!!  However, it should give the fans reason to be excited because the Playoffs are still in sight and it sets up an all-but must win game in Dallas this week, where the Birds are 3.5 point dogs…may need to dig out your UnderDog mask for old time sake.  Although Carson looked really good, aside from throwing another WTF? interception, every Eagles fan knows they beat a team led by two QB’s who went undrafted in every fantasy draft in August.  One last thing…big props to OC Mike Groh for finding a few ways to get Golden Tate integrated into the offense.

We all know that the Monday Night Football broadcast is a disaster which made landfall for Eagles fans at the Linc.  I am not going to pile on, because it’s basically all been said by millions on social media.  However, I thought these tweets from two of my sports radio colleagues summed up my thoughts exactly…

harry t2harry t

At this point, I’m willing to give Sergio Dipp another shot! “Having the time…of his life!”

It’s already been a great week for the Phillies and GM, Matt Klentak.  He made what looks to be a great trade for several reasons…acquired an All Star SS, who can hit (.300 and above last 3 seasons), off loaded Carlos Santana’s $41MM and opened up 1st base for it’s rightful guardian, Rhys Hoskins.  This is only the beginning as we anticipate “stupid” spending to ensue, turning the “hot stove” into a blast furnace.

Kareem Hunt goes unclaimed and that’s a good thing.  However, I do think he will play again in the NFL because he is a young, stud player with an ascending on-field career.  He will need to listen to the right people and do the right things and serve a suspension, but I do think he will play again.  Where?  Keep an eye on Matt Campbell (HC at Iowa State) who recruited Hunt at Toledo and coached him for 3 years.  He is being eyed up for NFL jobs, including Cleveland, which is his hometown.  Aside from that, perhaps Roger Goodell should just put Harvey Levin and his “reporters” at TMZ on retainer, because if there is a video…they’ll find it.

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Joe Canuso
Joe Canuso
December 5, 2018 9:44 am

Dude, this post was totally all over the place and very poorly written. You provided nothing insightful or thought provoking. Like seriously absolutely ZERO. Is this really the FIRST piece you wanted to put out there? This is the piece that is going to make people want to go to this braided sports thing? Wow, not really impressive my man. This is trash. Sorry, I do like you Harry, but please do better. Thanks

Harry Mayes
Harry Mayes
December 5, 2018 5:00 pm
Reply to  Joe Canuso

Thanks for your input, however, the “all over the place” nature was intended in that, it’s more or less, expanded tweets on various subjects. I’m not a writer and did not want to attempt to do a “column” on one specific topic but rather hit on several things with concise thoughts on each.

I’ll try to do better for you in the future.

Tom Sanders
Tom Sanders
December 5, 2018 10:00 am

Harry fucking Mayes let’s go! Harry you should do a daily post Harry’s poop scoop. Easy reading for hard pushing