Kyrie Had a Hell of Day Spreading the Holiday Spirit With the Celtics

There are very few things that give me the warm and fuzzies. Usually its a Boston championship or dogs, but pretty high on that list would be Christmas. The day is great, but once you get older the presents aren’t as crazy and the season is more what you look forward to.

Most people aren’t nearly as much of a prick during December just because of the holidays and pending break coming up from work. It’s great. In the NBA you don’t get the type of days off us common folk do at the end of the month so the Celtics decided to spread the holiday cheer this week during one of their longest breaks in their schedule.

Just as he has been on the court for the Celtics, Kyrie Irving was the star of their visit to Boston Children’s Hospital.

There’s something about Kyrie singing that is just so enjoyable. It’s not that he has the pipes of an angel although he’s not too shabby with the mic. I think it’s the fact that he get’s so excited to do it. It’s like watching Mookie Betts bowl. He just loves to do it. It’s infectious.

Singing wasn’t Kyrie’s shining moment though. That moment goes to Kyrie defending Duke against a kid gunning for his throat from his hospital room.

I respect the fuck the out of this kid. A lot of times when you see these videos of athletes at hospitals it’s cute and heart-warming and that’s great. But if you’re a sports fan, which this kid clearly is (he’s probably a lot smarter than me) then you don’t want to do the standard photo op and talk about staying positive with that athlete. You want to shoot the shit, talk to the guys as a normal person, not some superhero. Busting balls is the best way to do that. Kudos to this kid.

It’s been a long four day break for the Celts. I love seeing these things in sports, but Thursday it’s time to get back to work. Hopefully they can bring this charm over to the court and continue their recent upward trend

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