I Will Do Anything To Join The Headband Club

It’s no secret, I’m a Ben Simmons fan. I’m not saying I’d take a bullet for the guy but depending on the caliber I just might. He’s the only player in NBA history averaging a triple double per 100 possessions. Not Westbrook, Wilt or even “King” James. Also he’s Australian and if you show me one person that says they don’t love an Australian accent, I’ll show you a liar.

Now we come to find out Ben and Jimmy have officially started the Headband Club??!?!?!!! Haven’t wanted to be apart of a club this much since the BK Kid’s Club. I will literally do anything to join. I even have a fresh af headband waiting at the house. I vow not to throw it on my dome until I’ve been inducted as a full fledged member.

So let’s run through what I have to do.

Step 1. Email Ben and Jimmy. Sounds easy enough but does anyone have a clue what their emails are? Jimmy.Butler@sixers.com? Does the NBA give out email address’ for basketball players? What about BenHollaAtYaBoy69@Gmail.com??

Am I getting warmer? Side note Jimmy seems like a guy that went heavy with the AIM A/L/S game.

Step 2. Make sure it’s between the designating window of 10:05-10:07 AM. Light work. Set a few alarms and just like that I’m ready to roll. If any of you call me from 10:05-10:07 AM ever again you’re dead to me.

So Jimmy, Ben if you read this please let me in the HBC. See I’m already making up sweet acronyms. We’re going to be the three best friends ever. Also I’m a white guy with a decent mid range jumper but I pride myself on my defense intensity. Real gym rat. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

PS. If everyone could please retweet this article, tag Ben and Jimmy I’d really appreciate it.

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