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Hello again to all of our great readers, loyal followers, commenters, and friends and family of the Branded team.  It has been five amazing months working for Branded Sports.  Branded is a company that has had its up’s and down’s in this short time.  There has been in-fighting and arguments, disagreements and feuds all in the name of one thing, growing the brand.  Thing’s have been happening fast and we have grown quick and half way through our first year it is that time again to give you the state of the union.  You can read the previous state of the union here. As always I will do my best to represent this great site, this great company, and my great team here at Branded.

Branded Sports is a rocket ship looking to fly well beyond the moon.  I have stated this time and time again and it has become a bit of a rallying cry around here.  Rallying cry means nothing without action though.  Without action those are just hollow words that mean very little.  Ladies and gentleman, Branded Sports is a take action website and we proved that this week more than ever.  You may have noticed we have a new coworker or as I like to call them, teammates in one Harry Mayes.  The former 97.5 radio personality and one of the all time great Philadelphia radio stars has brought his podcast MayesCast over to Branded, as well as his style of humor and sports knowledge, you may have noticed his first blog post this morning, bringing Branded to heights we could not have imagined in out first five months.  Harry is an amazing person to add to the team and I personally am a huge fan of his and can’t wait to do some work with the man.  It doesn’t start and end with Harry though.

We continue to be mentioned on Barstool podcasts and radio, Sirius XM show “The Morning Men” and even have blogs of ours read live on air.  The fact is folks, none of this is hollow.  We don’t write to fill a quota and fill up empty page views.  We write so you keep coming back, so you stay clicking, so you enjoy the content our site has to offer.  You may hate some of it, you may love some of it, and not everyone writes for everyone out there.  However, there is someone here that writes or podcasts for you.  Everyone has a place here and has something that any human on earth can enjoy.  If you’re 70 years old and want to find a new recipe, we have you covered.  If you’re into humor and want something funny to take and make your friends laugh, we’ve got you covered.  If you want in-depth sports coverage for things you may have missed, we have that too.  If you want quick breaking news we can supply that.  There is something here for the old, the young, the black, the white, the green the purple it doesn’t matter who or what you are we have you covered.  In the last six months over 100,000 people have logged on to read our blogs and click and come back and click and come back.  In the next six months we want to triple our readership and quadruple the clicks they generate.  We wont do that by giving you half ass blogs and podcasts so don’t expect anything on this site to be that way.  If we do, we will put our pants on strap up our boots and get to work to fix it.

I made promises last time I wrote this and I have yet to break them.  I told you folks I promise to never give up, never quit and give you the best I can each and every day.  I promised the same for the people working here and since writing that in October I have kept my promise.  I will say the same thing I said before and I mean it from the bottom of my soul.  The people who are working here, if you are not down for this if you do not want to put your heart into it and make it work, get your shit, and get the fuck out.  We don’t have time for people with no heart, we don’t have time for people who don’t care.  The reason being is all of the loyal people who have helped make us what we are.  If it were not for all 100,000 of you clicking and coming back, clicking and coming back a guy like Harry Mayes is not working with Branded Sports.  I refuse to let people work here give no heart, give no effort for the fans that make this possible.  The fans that have made our dreams a reality.  Notice I say reality because those dreams have not come true yet.  We are not where we want to be and not even close.  The dreams are coming true but they haven’t yet and we wont rest until they do.

For the losers and haters of which there are many, get used to it.  We aren’t going away and we aren’t leaving.  We will grow and continue to gain momentum and nothing you do or say can stop it.  We have some dogs here, and as the head pitbull you’ll have to stop my beating heart to bring down this rocket ship, and this heart wont stop for God.  We have people up all night working, writing at 2 and 3am nothing you say will ever deter them.  You can try but you will fail.

I need my fellow team members to know how great they are doing, how proud of them I am, with that I would like to say..

Kevin- You are like the brother I already have, I consider you a friend and love everything you do.  Don’t ever stop doing what makes you, you.

Joe- You are my boss but you have given myself and everyone here the ability to be ourselves and that’s why we succeed.

Ali- Sup, you will go down as the biggest mistake Dave Portnoy ever made letting go.

Meag- You are also a woman who works here.

Harry Mayes- You have a future in this business kid, don’t give up

Jesse- There is no growth without you, for everything you do behind the scenes that goes without thanks, thank you.

Nick Dubs- We have been trying to get a podcast done forever and we will, I consider you my greatest rival and also a good friend.  You have expanded us into Boston better than we could ever have imagined.

Eric- You have made Chicago into something we never thought it would be when we started Branded.  You write beautifully and you’re a joy to have gotten to know, thank you for being apart of the team

Edgar- We have finally had a chance to see more of your personality in blogs and on twitter, you have a talent that is only begun to blossom.

Meag- I was just kidding before, you are the orignal Branded woman, you kill it with clicks and you’re as loyal as anyone I have ever met.

College “8 Ball” Mike- You are sneaky the weirdest person here.  You have impressed me though, starting your twitter so short ago and growing your brand.  You’re blogs are a joy to read and it’s been a pleasure to know you.

Glock- Quite frankly the best Eagles coverage in the bizz

Charlie- I will forever be in your debt, you’re a dog and you are our dog.

Matt- You’re a nerd, but you’re our nerd and we love you

Vinny- Book me a damn vacation man

Thank you all for your work and efforts day in and day out, it does not go unnoticed.  This rocket ship just added a million more gallons of fuel and the moon is just out of the left hand window, a moon that we will be flying well beyond very soon.  Thank you again to all of our fans and everyone who has read us and helped us grow.  From each and everyone us of, thank you and have a Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.

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denny falcone
denny falcone
December 5, 2018 12:04 pm

ditch the two spaces after each sentence, nicky ru.

December 6, 2018 12:48 am

Great blog dad!