Why The White Sox Sending Jim Thome to Pitch Bryce Harper is a Smart Move


A report came out from Yahoo!’s Tim Brown and Jeff Passan today that said the White Sox have sent former slugger and All Time Dad Jim Thome to speak with Bryce Harper about joining the White Sox.

The Sox are among a dozen other teams who sent reps to speak with the star about playing for their squad.

So what does this mean? The Sox want to lure baseball’s most coveted free agent with a true “baseball guy.”

I personally love this move from Rick Hahn – it shows Harper that they’re not trying to bullshit them with some big name or team celebrity with a far-fetched, wide-eyed argument on why he should play for their team. Looking at you, Dodgers.

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Sure, Magic Johnson is a cool dude and part-owner of the Dodgers. But he’s a business guy who played basketball trying to convince a baseball guy who loves baseball so much that he literally dropped out of school to play it.

The Sox see this and send out a guy who gets it. A guy who can tell Harper what it’s like to play in the league for a long time. A guy who understands what the White Sox are building on the South Side. Big Jim Thome is a baseball guy through and through, someone who has that same crazy passion that Harper has for the game. He’s the perfect voice to cut through the bullshit Harper is going to hear from pretty much every team out there.

Wouldn’t be shocked if the Phillies mess this up and send out Sylvester Stallone for their pitch. The “It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep movin’ forward” speech isn’t gonna work on Harper. That’s not how winnin’ is done, Rocko. It’s about hitting bombs.

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What are the Yankees gonna do? Ship out Jay-Z and have him drop Harper’s name in a new track or something dumb like that? Bring Frank Sinatra back to life to sing “New York, New York”? Well, maybe not after Aaron Judge ruined that song for them.

Oh, and are the beloved Cubbies going to trot out their #1 fan, Bill Murray? Love Bill, but none of those games are gonna work on a dude like Bryce Harper.

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Let’s go, Jimbo. Make Harper Chicago’s next baseball king.


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Featured Photo: ABC 7 Chicago/NBC Sports Chicago

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