The Wentz Report

Stats: 27/39, 306 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT, 98.9 QB Rating

The Good:

The opening drive 

Wentz came out firing. He went 5/5 for 48 yards and capped it off with a 6 yard TD pass on the run to Golden Tate.

Throwing on the run

We are now just 6 days away from it being a full year since Wentz tore his ACL/LCL in LA.

Maybe, just maybe he’s finally feeling comfortable again. He looked great on the run/ throwing outside the pocket last night.

I thought his best ball of the night came on the run, 39 yard dime in stride to Nelson Agholor…

The first half 

Wentz was really good in the first half in general. He was 13/18 for 159 yards and a TD, with a QB rating of 117.6.

Spreading the ball around 

Wentz connected with 6 different receivers last night.

-Ertz: 9 catches for 83 yards on 10 targets

-Tate: 7 catches, 85 yards and a TD on 7 targets

-Agholor: 4 catches for 56 yards on 8 targets (Very nice to see Agholor more involved.)

-Clement: 3 catches for 47 yards on 3 targets

-Jeffery: 3 catches for 31 yards on 5 targets

-Matthews 1 catch 4 yards and a TD on 2 targets.

The screen game

I liked that they finally got the screen game going last night. I thought it looked pretty crisp.

Bouncing back

After a bad interception (i’ll get to it) Wentz bounced back nicely.

On the very next drive, he went 6/8 for 62 yards and a TD.

The bad: 

Missed throws

Wentz missed on a few throws, most which would have gone for big gains.

He’s going to miss throws, but you can’t miss these kind of opportunities down the stretch.


I don’t know if it was the constant rehab and not enough time to work on the basics, or it’s coaching, or what, but his mechanics looked off last night.  His feet were all over the place at times.


What’s up with the fumbles?

Terrible interception 

After going 5/5 for 65 yards including a 3rd and 9 conversion that went for 32 yards on the play before, Wentz threw a really bad interception. Forcing it over the middle to Alshon Jeffery. The throw was a bit behind him, possibly tipped, but it was bad throw into a tight window.

Final thoughts

This was a roller coaster ride.

By the look of the opening drive I thought Wentz was going to have that “I’m here, I’m back” statement game.

I do think he played well, but it never truly materialized into the monster night that it could have been. There were just too many ups and downs.

However, if you take away the interception and the bad misses in the first quarter, we’re probably having a different conversation today.

I was encouraged by his work outside the pocket. This was by-far the best he’s looked on the run all season. Making something out of nothing is a huge part of his game, and if he can continue to get that going down the stretch, it will only make the Eagles offense more efficient.

I was also encouraged by the involvement of the the other receivers. There are only so many balls to go around, but I think he did a good job of getting everyone involved, and not over-relying on 86.

Again, it was a good performance, but not great. I’m still waiting on that.. “he’s back” game, hopefully it will come down the stretch.

Grade: B-

For comparison: Through week 13

2018 Wentz (10 games) 

257/369, (69.6 comp %) 2,846 yards (285 YPG), 18 TDs, 7 INTs, 100.6 QB rating

2002 Tom Brady (12 games) 

300/464 (65 comp %)  3,093 (257 YPG), 24 TDs, 11 INTs, 91.1 QB rating

2007 Aaron Rodgers (still holding a clipboard) 

Updated league ranks:

Yards: 17th (2,846)

YPG: 9th (285)

YPA: 11th (7.71)

TDs: Tied for 16th (18)

Completion %: 5th (69.6)

QB rating: 8th (100.6)

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