Not Sure If I Saw a Dead Body After The Eagles Game

I went to last night’s Eagles game with the bride and her dad. He scored 4 tickets from his coworker and was nice enough to ask us to attend. So we made our way to the Linc with little traffic. Probably the first game where I experienced very little traffic. Great start to the night. 

After spending almost $50 on chicken tenders/fries and beers, we made our way to our club level seats (nbd). 

We enjoyed watching the Eagles beat the Redskins. Besides the win, highlight of the night was Mark Sanchez coming in after Colt McCoy broke his leg (t&p). I enjoyed the game even more because I didn’t have to listen to Jason Witten dig his own grave. 

Half way through the 4th quarter, with the game secured, we decided to beat the crowd and make our way home. During our trek through all the trashbags and piss tents, I saw something out of the ordinary. More trash? Nope. I decided to investigate closer. When I got closer to object, that’s when I realized what I saw…. 



DEAR GOD I’M IN KENSINGTON!!!….wait no, no I’m still in South Philly. After pulling it together, I got a little closer. Turns out he wasn’t dead (damn), but tailgated a little too hard before the game. Must have been a Redskins fan. 

Pretty messed up if his buddies left him there for the whole game. You pay all that money and don’t make it in the stadium. Or maybe he left during the game, who knows. Also, F’ed up he’s outside the car and not inside. He could have at least gotten out of the cold/wind. I left him be, he looked comfy.  

Go Birds!

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