Man From Malaysia Living Every Kid’s Dream, And It’s Genius

Edgar Alan

HOLY CRAP! TOY SOLDIERS IS REAL!!! At least, that’s the feeling I get each time I see a new photo series from Wire Hon, a Malaysian action-figure photographer and creator of the internet’s best family photo pictured above.

I actually have my girlfriend to thank for originally introducing me to Wire’s content. She’s always constantly tagging me in posts on Facebook, and usually I always find whatever it is amusing, but this time I was completely blown away. I don’t even know if action-figure photography is even really a thing, but even if it’s not, this guy deserves to win some kind of award.

Need some convincing? Here’s a little snippet of some of my favorite pictures from his gallery:

Images: Wire Hon

It gets funnier from there…

Images: Wire Hon

They wouldn’t be superheroes if there wasn’t a little bit of action, right? 

Images: Wire Hon

Superheros can get hurt during their fights too…

Images: Wire Hon

Thanos who?

Image: Wire Hon

Seriously, Thanos who??

Image: Wire Hon

Not only has he been living every kid’s dream by making these characters look alive in his photos, but he also made it look like he accomplished  every man’s dream in this next picture.

Image: Wire Hon

Follow his facebook page, Wire Hon, for more incredible photos. Trust me, there are some real gems in there.


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