I Am Outraged Over The Outrage Over Mike McCarthy’s Firing


As I continue to drown myself in endless sports media coverage while avoiding the buzz of the holiday season (like most mature adults do), it’s been hard to hide from the media scrutiny about Mike McCarthy’s completely justified firing.

I’m continually impressed by the lengths former NFL players, owners and coaches go to to defend the honor of people who genuinely suck at their jobs, but the outrage about firing Mike McCarthy as the Packers sit at 4-7-1, good enough for 3rd in the NFC North is making me even more outraged than Mark Brunell crying on national TV about Deflategate.

So many NFL analysts and commentators have been vocal about their disapproval that the prestigious Green Bay Packers organization would dare to fire their head coach now instead of tanking for another 4 weeks and politely kicking him to the curb on Black Monday. GASP!

Rumors were that Mike McCarthy was ‘surprised’ to hear about his firing, despite Green Bay Packers fans, who are also probably minority owners, literally clamoring for his firing for weeks. Cowboys fans were even starting to get a little embarrassed at how hardcore Packers fans were being.

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Everybody generally comprehends that Mike McCarthy was fired because of Aaron Rodgers and no one blames them for that decision. It’s also no secret that Aaron Rodgers is truly the problem here. I have been slowly joining #TeamJordanRodgers for quite some time now and I think the whole world is starting to see why his whole family hates him. He’s grumpy, sarcastic and kind of a douche TBH. Bill Belichick gets away with it because he’s the best coach in the history of football, and Aaron Rodgers has gotten away with it up to this point too. But if they get a new coach and Rodgers doesn’t instantly win the Super Bowl, well Packers owners better break out the diapers. Right now the Packers have more talent than Tom Brady has had in at least 4 of his 7 Super Bowl appearances. They can’t blame the injury bug and now they can’t even blame Mike McCarthy.

I’m ready to come out and say it, Aaron Rodgers is a bad leader and I need the media to stop sucking his dick. Anyone that’s every wrongfully critiqued Tom Brady for the past 15 years needs to go after Aaron Rodgers until I’m satisfied. Even Tony Gonzalez doesn’t have Rodgers in his top 10 players to play with.

But I’m going to need Troy Aikman, Tony Dungy, Jason Witten, LT, Steve Mariucci and whoever the fuck else is using kid gloves on the Packers to nut up and speak the truth. Mike McCarthy deserved to be fired, and it’s a benefit to him to have fired him right now. It just wasn’t working anymore. The Packers haven’t been to a Super Bowl in 8 years. Jeff Fisher could have been coaching the team and the Packers would have still had the exact same playoff outcomes as they have since 2010. Now, they have time to find another coach, and McCarthy now has a head start on a new job, which he is UNDOUBTEDLY going to get. I’m sorry but not sorry that I’m not feeling one ounce of compassion for Mike McCarthy losing his job because he’s going to get a new one with a new salary and a new team to fuck up any day now. Stop feeling bad for coaches “with families, losing their job”. This is the NFL and until you’re ready to give the players more guaranteed money instead of being able to cut them at any moment without any financial obligation, I’ll never feel bad for a head coach that gets fired because he (or she, someday…) doesn’t win. If you suck at your job, you get fired and no one in the real world gives a fuck if that’s good timing for you or not.

Watching Tony Dungy speak on SNF is usually enough to induce vomiting across America but watching him and his big dumb ears try to act like firing Mike McCarthy was some gross act of disrespect violating an unwritten coach code was vile. Thank god for Rodney Harrison to push him back into the locker where he belongs.


“You don’t just fire a coach who has taken you to the playoffs and a Super Bowl just on a whim” -actual quote by Tony Dungy

I’m sorry–a whim?? This feud has been brewing for months, if not years, way longer than Aaron Rodgers vs. his family. There is nothing Mike McCarthy could have offered in the last 4 games that would have convinced the Packers or Aaron Rodgers that it was going to work.

Troy Aikman made sure to chime in, starting his own feud with Gerry Callahan:

Listen, I deserve a billionaire prince arriving at my doorstep in a horse drawn carriage ready to kiss the ground I walk on, make me dinner every night and pay all of my bills so I can sleep until noon and then shop all day, but that’s not what’s happening here. I don’t even get what pride Mike McCarthy is losing by getting fired 4 weeks early. Instead of standing on the sidelines in -16 degree weather trying to draw up a Hail Mary play for Aaron Rodgers he might get to plan a nice Italian getaway for him and the wife before he starts his new job with his new team.

If you had asked me to make a list of people who I thought would be unnecessarily offended by this firing, LT would have been at the top of it.

@LT_21 on the firing of #Packers head coach Mike McCarthy ⬇️ pic.twitter.com/TdF7ghCDGt

— NFL GameDay (@NFLGameDay) December 3, 2018

And Steve Mariucci wouldn’t be too far down that list either.

Luckily among all of the bunched panties across the NFL media landscape, we have one beacon of light to speak for all sane NFL fans, just as he normally does.




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