Feed me the Notre Dame Hate…


The 12-0 uNDefeated Fighting Irish of Notre Dame are IN the College Football Playoff. The Irish finished #3 in the rankings and will play Clemson on December 29th at 4PM in the Cotton Bowl.

There has be so much hate for the Irish over the last week or so. People saying they are no good, people saying they don’t deserve a chance.

Even CEO Joe on Friday saying they wouldn’t get in…

^Freezing Cold Take.

And, I love it. Give me the hate….



Awesome man, I really appreciate it.

HAHAHA…. Yes that’s apparently a thing


Oh that’s right ND doesn’t have any “quality losses” well neither does OSU 😂

How quickly they forget the Purdue loss. At least the Irish loss was a quality one… OH WAIT… They are 12-0.

Oh… Here comes CEO JOE again. (AKA Captain of the Ship) AKA conductor of the ND Hate Train…

You know what I say to all the haters?

The Irish are in suckers… Just deal with it. You really want to see an Alabama Clemson National Championship AGAIN?!

Am I saying the Irish will win it all? Nah. Am I saying they are going to get by Clemson? I don’t know. I’m just saying… They deserve to be in after beating TWELVE FBS teams.

So throw on some green, grab a beer (or 12) and come join the movement. Come root for the Underdog Irish.

Or I’ll just keep eating your hate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s delicious.

Gif – Tenor

…And it fuels my ND Celebration Dance:

Yeah your boy made the video no big deal.


-Kmess “That Irish Guy”

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